03 Bush Davies House, Charters Village, West Sussex, , RH19 2NW

Created 22/11/2021

Property Details

Retirement Community Operator

Retirement Villages Group Ltd with subsidiary companies Charters Village (Landlord) and Charters Village Management Ltd (Management company).

Description of unit (type and beds)

2 Bedroom Apartment

Brochure, price list

Status of unit

Pre-owned property

Brochure, property details


one or two persons



Leasehold - 125 year lease from 1st Jul 2013 (117 years remaining)



Not permitted under terms of lease


Domiciliary Care Provider

Provided by an external provider price on application


Cost of moving into property

Asking Price


Price list, website

Other costs to move in

Your legal costs and disbursements for acting on the purchase of the lease

Parking & Garage arrangements

We offer an annual parking space agreement for £500 per year

FAQs, lease

Removal Costs

Your removal expenses

Stamp duty

Stamp duty costs

Healthcare assessment

No charge by Charters Village Ltd (If GP report required buyers would meet cost)

Ongoing charges while living in the Retirement Community

Service charge from Jan 2021 to Dec 2021

Service Charge: £7,789.00 pa single occupancy, additional £300.00 for double occupancy


Maintenance reserve fund (sinking fund)

Included in the service charge. £110,682.00 balance at end last financial year.

Overnight on call support charge

Included in the service charge

Ground rent

Currently £300 per annum. Ground rents are subject to 20-year reviews. Please ask for details.

Lease, FAQ's


Care Costs

Provided by an external provider

Price on application

Insurance arrangements

Responsibility of Landlord

Buildings, Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance - Costs included in the service charge

FAQ's & Contract pack sent to your solicitor

Responsibility of Tenant

Home contents Insurance


Ongoing fees residents will have to pay in addition

Utility Bills

Electricity,gas,water,phone and IT

Buyer introduction pack

Council tax

Band E - £2,556.33 pa

Tandridge District Council

TV licence

Additional cost unless exempt

Internet provider

Free Choice

Satellite/Cable TV

Free Choice


Charges when leaving or selling the property

Assignment fee

2.5% (1st year), 5% (2nd year) or 10% (after year 2) of the sales price when the property is re-sold.

Lease, FAQ's, price list

Estate Agent's commission

1.5% plus vat when Charters Village Ltd undertake sales and marketing or sellers choice of agent

Legal fees

On the sale of the apartment to pay the Landlord's reasonable and proper legal and registration fees

Removal expenses

Buyer/seller responsible for own removal costs


The cost of your putting the property back in good order internally in accordance with the terms of the Lease



Restriction on selling the property

Purchasers must be at least 65 years or older as specified in the lease and subject to an acceptance interview with the Village Manager